Startup Campus Academy (SCA)

SCA is a three months intensive startup experiential development program that enables startup to develop ideas to an actualization and revenue generating stages. SCA programs goes for 12 weeks, the program are managed and content developed by experts from different careers/industries. The programs covers from business plan writing to investments/fund sourcing stage. SCA is currently looking for partners for fund dubbed Startup campus fund that look into investing in ideas/startups that comes up with exceptional businesses. The beneficiary of this program is selected from the Asenti awards.

Each year ASENTI runs the Asenti awards that awards the best business ideas/startups across Africa, the selected business ideas/startups get a chance to be assigned in the program, the best 10 businesses during the program get to be selected to pitch for potential investors. SCA aims at impacting live of 100 startups every year.Apply for Asenti Awards

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