Asenti 2014


The African Summit on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ASENTI) in Kenya was an event that brought together 300 entrepreneurs and students from Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania, USA, Benin and Uganda. The event Entailed a full day intensive leadership and entrepreneurial skills development training which focused on personal growth; Innovation, character building, Ethics, Good Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurship and Financial Management. The event also incorporated a dialogue session with young entrepreneurs and business leaders some of whom have been featured in the Forbes list of under 30 promising entrepreneurs.

Asenti2014 was sponsored by Kenya Power, IbizAfrica, CPF, Dr. Manu Chandaria was the keynote speaker. He was one of the most inspiring speakers one could ever have the privilege of listening to. His day's highlight was that most people are not prepared to change. People are bent on their ideas when in actual fact change makes the world go round. He argued that people need to innovate themselves and start looking at things they would normally not see. This, he said, is a key to being a successful entrepreneur. He noted youths as the biggest vehicle of change. The Event's speakers were;

  1. John Matogo (IBM)"The stars are lining up for us (Africans) very well"
  2. Trush Khetia (Tria Group)"Focus, be relentless and Stay curious; we don't know everything ask the right questions"
  3. Celia Brey (Omni One)"Have passion, give everything you've got, embrace integrity and do something radical to launch yourself trust your crazy ideas."
  4. Belgrade Kenne (African Investments Bank)"Embrace Patience; see the bigger picture, have extreme ambition"
  5. Robert Waruiru (KPMG)"Being innovative; there's a lot of competition so be unique!"

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